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An electronic scoreboard ideal for kata competitions or other sporting contests where judges give marks based on performance; gymnastics, synchronised swimming etc)

It comes with infrared remote controls, supplied with a display, through which the judges can cast and see their own vote and send it to the main scoreboard during the voting.
Visualization of decimal scores (from 0.0 to 9.9) as well as integer scores (from 0 to 99).

The possibility of setting up the number of judges from 1 to 5.
Automatic calculation and visualization of the result when all the scores have been received.

Choice of the calculation mode to obtain the result: 1) total sum; 2) partial sum, excluding the highest and lowest vote; 3) total average; 4) partial average, excluding the highest and lowest vote; 5) Partial average, studied especially for gymnastics.
Choice of rounding off for the result: with 1, 2 or 3 decimal digits. Useful when the result is obtained from an average.

With more than 3 digits the result can be viewed in 2 phases: a result with up to 6 digits can therefore be visualized in the case of 3 integers plus 3 decimal digits.
The operator can manage all functions of the scoreboard by remote control: programming, vote resetting, command for starting the vote, etc.

The possibility to connect more PB-5 scoreboards in cascade arrangement to obtain repetitions of the score visualizations in different positions and perspectives, particularly useful for final competitions.
The possibility to use an unlimited amount of KPB-5 in the same area owing to the infrared remote controls and an univocal code system: the sending of a vote by one judge from two different remote controls is not possible.

An easy and fast procedure for the recognition of a new remote control or one used by a specific judge or scoreboard operator.
Supplied with a suitcase for 7 remote controls: 5 for the judges, 1 for the scoreboard operator and 1 spare unit.

Remote controls with strong covers made out of aluminium and a membrane keyboard that can’t be damaged by dirt or liquids.
Scoreboard protected by a sturdy container made out of metal, which is powder-painted; complete with handle for easy transportation.

Scoreboard with a revolving support stirrup at the base, for an easy and stable positioning above a table or on the floor. It also has suitable holes for hooking or fixing to the wall.
The possibility of using two KPB-5 devices to obtain a system with up to 10 voting judges.

The digits measure 12.7cm (5”), and are well visible for up to 30m.
Two years of warranty.

Supplied with 7 x remotes (1 x spare, 1 x table judge, 5 x judges) and carry case for the remotes.
Please allow seven days for delivery

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