Nigiri Game (gripping pots - training jars) (PAIR)

Pair of traditional Kamikaze NIGIRI GAME for Hojo-Undo, hand-made from clay. The Nigiri Game ("gripping pots") are a traditional training tool, important elements in the Hojo Undo practiced in Okinawan Karate dojos. Nigiri-game training strengthens your entire body, specially your grip, fingers, wrists, and forearms. They also train the biceps and tricep muscles. The shoulders and back are next as these muscles work to support the weight. The tanden (core) is also strengthened to keep your upper body stable and to take the load off of your lower back. Finally, the entire lower body is worked as you step through various stances with the nigiri-game.

Sold as pair (2 pieces).
The empty weight of each jar is approx. 3,2 kg.
They can be filled with sand to increase the weight.

Height 33cms - diameter of rim 11cms


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