About Us


We first set up the Martial Art Superstore in 1999. We were one of only 3 internet shopping websites for Martial Arts clothing and equipment. Working from home initially it soon came apparent that due to the success we had to set up a store. Now, with every increasing competition we have had to continue to move with the times and continue to offer a large range of services.
In 2005 we diversified into the printing side of business, with many clubs requiring personalised wear for their groups. It was a decision to provide this that has enabled us to stay competitive.
As a partnership, both Lauren and myself are still very active in Karate training and I have trained for 37 years and Lauren for 30 years. We are dedicated to the marital arts and this business is something that is very important to us - we take a lot of pride in what we sell.
Our store is based a couple of miles south of Leicester (UK) and in a quiet section of shops, with the great advantage of free parking...