Advanced Shotokan Karate DVD by Dave Wilkins

With Dave Wilkins

This eagerly awaited production concentrates on the levels of 4th kyu up to and including black belt level.

All aspects are covered in detail including all the basics for each grade from punching, kicking and open hand striking techniques and the variety of blocking techniques required for each level.
All the kata are shown at slow and fast speeds:

Tekki Shodan
Bassai Dai

Kanku Dai

and also for the first time on DVD Funakoshi's Ten No Kata
Also included are Heian Sandan, Yondan and Godan in Ura form

Also included are the Ippon Kumite techniques for 4th kyu and introducing Kase's methods of kamae (opening postures) before the attack is made. Ju-Ippon Kumite is demonstrated in detail and for every level of brown belt are aids to improve and develop free-fighting, a requirement for grades up to black belt level

An ideal DVD for all levels of karate-ka and to instructors alike.
Running time 90 mins - region free - Full screen - Stereo - DVD previews included on disc

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