Beginning Shotokan Karate DVD by Dave Wilkins

The Kase Way - White to Purple Belt (beginner to 4th kyu)

Senior professional karate instructor Dave Wilkins presents the full syllabus from beginner to purple belt.

This DVD is essential for anyone taking up the Shotokan Karate system. Detailed descriptions of all the techniques from stances to basic attacks, such as punches and kicking as well as all the fundamental blocking techniques.

Also every kata including Taikyoko Shodan, Heian Shodan, Nidan, Sandan, Yodan and Godan are demonstrated in detail with explanations of every move. Kumite exercises (sparring) are shown for every level including basic three step sparring and one step sparring with various ideas for counter attacks.
This video is so comprehensive that it contains two and a half hours of footage for an unbelievable price!

It is ideal for those in the early stages of karate training and a useful tool for instructors.
Running time 150 mins MULTI REGIONAL DVD

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